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Homemade Rice Cereal

You can definitely save some money by making your own rice cereal using your spice grinder or coffee grinder. Make sure your grinder is cleaned well before you use it to make rice cereal.


  • 2 tbs brown rice, preferably organic
  • water


  1. Place brown rice in the grinder and whizz until it is powder[about 30 seconds].
  2. Cook in a little water.
  3. Serve immediately

Filed under: Brown Rice, Grains

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for this! I don’t have brown rice, though… Basmati is what I usually use. I want to try rice pudding for my little one… wonder if that’s healthy or not…

  2. admin says:

    Good idea for rice pudding – not sure that I would use sugar though. I saw a recipe one time for rice pudding using sugar-free vanilla pudding mix. Haven’t tried it though! Oohh, you could do basmati rice and peas with a little curry!

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