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Worst 3 Organic Jarred Baby Foods

Together, with the discriminating palate of my 9 month old, Baby K, we put over 25 mass produced, organic, jarred baby foods to the test. All of these were available at our local Target or Meijer, range from stage 1 to stage 3 foods, and include fruits, vegetables, grain blends, meats and dinners.

In case you missed it, I posted our Top 3 Organic Jarred Baby Foods a few months ago.

Earth’s Best Summer Vegetable Dinner

02392350044I have to admit that I had much higher expectations of Earth’s Best Summer Vegetable Dinner from Earth’s Best 2nd Dinners product line. With an all-star ingredient line-up of zucchini, corn, garbanzo beans, green beans and carrots, I expected a flavorful burst of summer’s best harvest, and instead settled with the bland, tasteless version of “too many good flavors blended into oblivion”.

Gerber’s Organic Pasta Primavera

3rd_organic_pasta_primaveraFrom Gerber’s Organic 3rd Foods Dinner line, Pasta Primavera is a great idea, not so great execution. Tasteless.


Gerber’s Organic Herbed Chicken with Pasta

3rd_organic_herbed_chicken_with_pastaAgain from Gerber’s 3rd Foods Dinner line, Herbed Chicken with Pasta leaves a lot to be desired. If you’re gonna include “herbed” in the name, probably should include enough parsley and thyme to add a little to the taste.

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